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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Journey Of Life.. By Light325

This life is a journey..
to be successful in life..
we have to be successful along its journey..
And never to reach the destination
because once u reach the destination..
you will stop..
come along with me
to light successful life of the children
thru this journey of life..
And never stop..
there are times we make mistakes..
putting our trust to people who are not to be trusted..
who speaks words even sweeter than honey..
who pours ideas even more then a prime minister
as they are gonna poison the whole system
with their selfish thoughts..
and you realistic goals..
my dear students..
please do not fall in love
as you are gonna be a day dreamer
RISE in love..
And you are gonna be the person u had always wanted to be..
believed me..

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